About Us

Foggy Business

Bringing The Cloud Closer To Earth

Foggy Business was started by Jerrison Boor who has a background in technology working with both small and large businesses. He has the knowledge to help set up your small business or startup company with a basic technology infrastructure.

Jerrison has over 4 years of experience in roles such as help desk manager and SharePoint administrator and support. He started Foggy Business because of his passion for helping small businesses succeed with technology. He has a fine tuned understanding of business needs and the technology required to meet them. Foggy Business works hard for you so you can work on growing your business.

Our Vision

To Empower Small Businesses To Utilize Technology To Quickly Add Value.

These days, using technology is needed to be in business. The right infrastructure is a requirement to have a chance at competing. Understanding and using your technology effectively is your chance at getting ahead. We'd love to help you get that advantage!

We understand that not all businesses can afford to spend the time and money on traditional consultants that require several meetings to figure out your business requirements. We offer a simpler way to start. As you decide you need more custom solutions, we can help with that as well.

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