Free small business technology consulting

With over 10 years of IT experience working with both small companies with less than 100 employees and large enterprises with tens of thousands of employees I have at least some knowledge of almost every area in technology a small business needs.


I will help you understand what you need and plan how to use it effectively through a variety of methods.

small business technology consulting methods

One on One meetings

I will offer one on one consultations.

Blogs and how to articles

I’ll write blogs and how to articles for various topics to help you.

Regular trainings

I’ll provide trainings on various topics on a ongoing basis.

YOU suggest the topics

My topics for trainings, blogs, or articles will be from my network’s suggestions first so I conver the most relevant information.

Small business technology categories I can consult you about

Business Websites

Web hosting, web builders, templates, plugins



Document Management and Intranets

Use of SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive to safely and securely handle ontent, and collaborate. 



Business Process Automation

Approval processes, notifications, and time saving processes like automatically saving an attachment from emails. 



Professional Email

We can help you set up with an email address that matches your domain name.



Why do you need Small business technology consulting?

Technology is important for any business but  it is even more important for a small business because you are responsible for so much.

With technology consulting for your business you can increase efficiency and capacity, so the work you do can go further.  If you do have a team, consulting can help you collaborate and communicate more effectively.

Lastly, small business technology consulting can help you make sure your data is safe and secure making sure you have access to what you need but no one else does.

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Small business technology consulting benefits

Small business technology consulting can help make sure your business is not left behind.  According to the US Chamber of commerce, “85% of small business owners report that technology platforms helped to get their business up and running, and 94% report that technology helps them run their business more efficiently. ”

New Study Shows Technology Platforms Critical to Small Business Growth