I plan to provide mentoring and real world experience to young adults who might not have much chance for college.  I hope to help them gain valuable work experience and hopefully help them get training, certifications, or a degree.


How can you help?

Become Clients

Let me offer you our services for free or very reasonable fees so we have real IT work to teach. All work will be performed by or closely supervised by experienced professionals, so you get good results for free or at a great price while helping young adults gain real world experience.  

As I get more professionals volunteering, I’ll be able to offer more services so contact me to find out what I have available and keep in touch if I don’t have what you need yet!


If you are a IT professional looking to give back and want to offer some time and knowledge we could use you.  If you are a professional from outside of the IT field and want to help me expand the mentorship program outside of the IT field let me know!


I partner with a Non Profit to accept tax deductible donations.  You can contribute money to go towards operating expenses, IT equipment, various training or certifications, or the college fund.