Connecting Paths: Empowering Young Adults Through Professional Mentorship

I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on – a project that’s all about connecting young adults with professionals for mentorship and support. It’s not just about guidance; it’s about creating real opportunities for growth and learning. Take a look at our plan and see how we’re making these connections happen. Join us in making a difference!

Read more for my preliminary plan.

Our Vision: 

To create a supportive ecosystem that empowers young adults, small businesses, and nonprofits through mentoring, client acquisition, and IT consulting services.

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for young adults who lack resources, assist small businesses in gaining clients without the need for advertising expenses, and support nonprofits and small businesses with free or reduced IT consulting services.
Our approach is not about addressing these areas separately but rather integrating them into a cohesive strategy:
Empowering Young Adults: We offer mentorship and real-world work experience by involving them in projects from small businesses and nonprofits. This not only helps them develop valuable skills but also prepares them for their future careers.
Supporting Small Businesses: By helping small businesses acquire clients without advertising costs, we create opportunities for growth. These businesses, in turn, provide practical projects for our mentees, enabling a hands-on learning experience.
Assisting Nonprofits: Our free or reduced IT consulting services for nonprofits also serve as a platform for our mentees to apply their skills in a meaningful context, further enhancing their learning experience.
This integrated approach ensures that our efforts to support small businesses and nonprofits directly contribute to the mentorship and development of young adults, creating a synergistic effect that benefits all parties involved.

Our Services:

Mentoring Program: Pairing young adults with experienced professionals for career guidance and hands-on training.

IT Consulting Services: Providing IT consulting and services to leveraging the expertise of our network of professionals.

Limited Free Consulting for Non Profit Organizations and Small businesses. 

Target Market:

Young adults seeking career guidance, small businesses looking for growth opportunities, and nonprofits in need of IT support.

Non Profit Organizations and small businesses in need of technical help.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Utilizing a nonprofit advertising grant to promote services and attract mentors. 


Financial Needs: Initially, we anticipate generating sufficient revenue to cover our direct costs through service fees (on a sliding scale for small businesses) and potential sponsorships. This will allow us to sustain our core operations and services.

Future Funding: As we grow and expand our impact, we may seek grants, donations, and engage in fundraising activities to support additional initiatives. One key area we aim to address is covering college costs for young adults who are part of our mentoring program. These funds will be instrumental in providing educational opportunities and furthering their career prospects.